?Since its inception. ENDEZO has always focused on product quality and has maintained good relationships with electronic component manufacturers.?

?In terms of product quality, delivery and after-sales service, we have always followed a strict quality supervision system.

? ? 1. ENDEZO? promises 100% brand new original authentic products, insists on purchasing from trusted channels such as original factory and top agent authorization,?

? ? ? and conducts strict audit of company qualifications for all suppliers to ensure supplier brand qualification and ensure all materials are guaranteed. For the original formal channels.

yabo88苹果yabo88苹果? ?2. ENDEZO promises that all products provide a one-year warranty on quality issues. During this period, if there are any problems with our products, we can provide free technical support and maintenance.

? 3. If you find that the product has quality problems after receiving the product, we provide 30 days unconditional return.

? 4. We have our own QC team that monitors and controls quality throughout the process, including purchase, storage and delivery. Each product is carefully tested before it is delivered to the customer.?

? ? ?Our goal is to be accountable to our customers and to satisfy our customers.

? ??Quality Management System Certification

? ?The quality management system certification has passed ISO9001:2008 certification.?

? ?All products in the office and distribution center are globally recognized to meet the requirements of aerospace dealers and AS9120 quality management system certified defense.

? Our tests include:

? ?Vision check

? ?function test

? ?X-ray

? Solderability test

? Decapsulation of mold verification